Get access to 60% more jobs and reduce the time it takes to place candidates by 65%.

At LHH, we’ve developed a better way to connect transitioning employees to the best available jobs.

Our Active Placement model is an evolution of the traditional outplacement approach that puts a greater focus on talent acquisition. As a result, we can:

provide access to 60% more jobs.

reduce the time to placement by 65%

assist 80% of transitioning candidates to negotiate equal or better salaries.

Active Placement connects employees in transition to hidden job opportunities at thousands of employers and recruiters, including our 7,000 clients worldwide.

Our personal branding team can deliver a CV and LinkedIn profile that’s fully optimised for search engines while our industry-specific recruiting specialists and talent promoters work with acquisition teams to identify positions before they’re advertised – promoting your employees directly to potential employers who need them.

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