Outplacement is a benefit offered by your
employer to help you find a new job.

Losing your job is a stressful and emotional experience. Unfortunately, as companies evolve and change, this is inevitable. However as difficult as it is, you can approach it as a new beginning.

Outplacement is a service offered to employees who have lost or will be losing their job to help them quickly a find new and satisfying job. Services include career coaching, resume and CV writing, interview preparation, skill development, referrals to hiring managers and targeted job leads. The services are paid for by employers, but provided by independent providers who work directly and confidentially with employees. Individuals who use these services gain a competitive advantage in the job market, interview more effectively and find new jobs on average 65% faster than if they searched on their own.

We give you the right information at the right time to support those all-important talent development decisions.